Kim Tomerlin and her husband, Darryl Tucker, hosted a Christmas party on Dec. 11 at their beautifully-decorated home. The party honored our president, Kathy Witherow, for her excellent work directing the club this year. Members and guests had a wonderful time socializing as they prepared for the holiday season.
Rotary members were asked to bring a present for a child in El Dorado Hills who otherwise would have a very meager Christmas.
Kim's heartwarming report follows.
Merry Christmas All!
The kids' toys we collected at the Rotary X-mas Mixer were wrapped and delivered to Santa's El Dorado Hills workshop annex on Tuesday, Dec. 22, in time for Christmas morning. There were enough gifts that each of our local children received two gifts each!

The toys were distributed as follows:
Two infants, 8 months, each received two small stuffed animals.
3-year-old, Vtech learning computer and a Disney princess play set
5-year-old, Stuffed cat with Fleece throw, and a Candyland game
5-year-old, Mermaid Barbie & Memory Game
14-year-old, Glow Dome & Stuffed Christmas Bunnies
16-year-old, Monopoly & a Bracelet & Earrings set

1-year-old, Stuffed Rudolph with lighting nose & Mini Nerf football
1-year, 6-months-old, Toy Truck and a small Soccer Ball
3-year-old, Wooden Train Set, & Matchbox cars
6-year-old, Transformers and G.I. Joe action figure
9-year-old, Soccer Ball & Jr. Basket Ball
12-year-old, Soccer Ball and an indoor basketball game
17-year-old, Football and a Basketball


These children will have a very happy Christmas morning due to your generosity and support.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
Kim Tomerlin