RYE student Jacob Star chats with Terry Wilson, who also lived in Japan for a few years. Wonder if they conversed in Japanese? 


Jacob Star returned from a school year spent in Japan as the Rotary Youth Exchange sponsored by the El Dorado Hills Club. At the July 24 meeting, Jacob shared some insights with club members. "High school is definitely harder. It's the opposite of college," he says, referring to how American high school students are more social in high school and buckle down in study during college. "In Japan, students work hard to get into college. Then when they are in college, it's a more lax and social atmosphere." His typical day spent in school lasts until 8 p.m. because of the required club activities that take place after study hours. "Club is mandatory. There are all types of clubs available -- everything from basketball to tea ceremony," he mused. Jacob displayed a slide show and videos of the sights around Japan, including photos of beautiful snow-filled scenery. "I experienced a whole new definition of cold," says Jacob. " Negative 4 degrees can freeze your hair." Jacob came away with a love of the Japanese culture and of the food. " It's some of the best foods I've ever had. I'm addicted to the snack food!"