Posted by Sherie Tobin/Carl Daniel on Mar 25, 2020
Due to the concern about the Covid 19 Pandemic, our Rotary Club has cancelled our in person meeting and moved to an online format. We held our first ever online meeting last week. El Dorado County Educational leaders (and Rotarians), Superintendent Dr. Ed Manansala, Buckeye Union Superintendent Dr. David Roth, Rescue Union Superintendent Cheryl Olson, and Oak Ridge High School Principal Aaron Palm gave an update on how the schools in our county are handling having all the students remote. Short answer: the kids of the county are in good hands and everyone is pulling together to rapidly transition to remote learning.

We also heard from El Dorado Hills Community Services District General Manager Kevin Loewen about how the CSD is handling the parks, reaching out to our Seniors and youth to continue to provide services to those in need during this unprecedented time. One of our members described the meeting as "Very heartwarming to hear how our community is coming together to help and support one another in this time of crisis." We invite members of our community to join our upcoming meetings online. 

All of our April meetings will be held online from 7:15 to 8:30. Our April meetings will be available to the public on FB Live from our club page. Guests or potential new members can contact us at