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An organization and or business may apply to the Rotary Club of El Dorado Hills for a Corporate Membership. The purpose of this membership category is to increase club membership and provide additional flexibility in meeting club membership requirements. The organization requesting corporate membership should submit a Corporate Membership Application under the sponsorship of an existing active club member and the application will be processed by the club in the same manner as an application for active membership in the Cub. The organization should designate one employee as the corporate active member and up to three (3) additional employees as corporate members. Upon approval of the application, corporate active member will become an active member of Rotary Club of El Dorado Hills and Rotary International. The corporate members will become corporate members of Rotary Club of El Dorado Hills, but not members of Rotary International. 

Initiation Fee: 

$100 (includes Rotary shirt, name tag, pin, and administrative set-up fee)


$80 (includes $10 to Rotary International*, $11 breakfast/week, and $36 District & International fees

Corporate Membership

Meal & Activity Costs


The corporate membership will be responsible for the weekly meal costs and for any billable costs associated with club activities. Club bills will be addressed to the corporate active member that will ensure prompt payment. The corporate membership will be billed for one regular meal per meeting; any one of the three designated corporate members may use the meal. When more than one of the corporate members attends a meal or activity, the organization/business will be billed based on the prescribed Club rates (currently $10 per person) 

Corporate Membership Costs


Annual Dues: Same as established for active members. 

Club Initiation Fee: $100 one-time fee. This fee is to be waived for conversions involving a current active member.

Fundraiser Participation

(Varies as with any active member.)

Club bills will be addressed to the corporate active member that is responsible for prompt payment. Invoices are sent electronically and maybe paid online or set up for automatic payment.

Attendance Requirements


We encourage all members to regularly attend meetings in person or via Zoom (when available). Occasional absences are anticipated. Rotary International does require us to track attendance for statistical purposes only, so be sure you’ve checked in each week. 

Membership Induction


All proposed corporate members will be required to attend an informal meeting about Rotary and our Club prior to the induction. The corporate members may participate in the formal Rotary Club induction ceremony after being approved by the Board of Directors. The corporate active member will be inducted as member to both Rotary Club of El Dorado Hills and Rotary International.

Rotary International Foundation


All corporate members are encouraged to donate to the RI Foundation in their own names. The corporate membership is expected to donate at least $100 to RI Foundation each year in any manner they chose. 

Club Participation


The corporate active member and corporate member(s) are encouraged to participate in all club activities on a regular basis. All members are eligible to serve on club committees and on the Board. Only the corporate active member is eligible to serve as a club officer. Corporate members are encouraged to pursue an individual active membership if they desire to serve as a RCEDH officer. The corporate active membership has one vote in club matters. Unless otherwise indicated by the corporate active member the corporate active member shall vote on behalf of the corporate membership in club matters.

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